Friday, October 10th, 2003: Inspired by a True Story

The True Story You've Been Craving
10/09/03 11:00:36 PM  <link>
by: apon - mood: Default

[09:21PM] Regolith: You are going to be making the rant for this one, right?
[09:22PM] Apon: i guess i could :-(
[09:22PM] Regolith: well, good... because I don't know the inspirational true story :\
[09:23PM] Apon: uh-oh.
[09:24PM] Apon: so, umm, what exactly made you think there was an inspirational true story exactly?
[09:24PM] Regolith: "title: Inspired by a True Story"
could've had something to do with it
[09:25PM] Apon: you're reading it wrong!
[09:26PM] Regolith: You're a lying liar!
[09:28PM] Apon: is that to imply that i am someone who lies about people being lying liars, or i am one of the people who aren't lying liars who are accused of being lying liars by an actual lying liar?
[09:28PM] Regolith: It is to imply that you've lied.... somehow.
[09:29PM] Apon: no, no, you've misunderstood. what i meant by that title was that it was a _true_ story!
[09:30PM] Regolith: what was a true story?
[09:31PM] Apon: why do you keep thinking there's some true story involved? *sob*
[09:31PM] Regolith: well, I have my doubts about there being a true story involved.
[09:33PM] Apon: tell me more about this true story of yours
[09:34PM] Regolith: what does a true story mean to you?
[09:35PM] Apon: An account or recital of an event or a series of events consistent with fact or reality.
[09:37PM] Regolith: Well, that's settled, then.
[09:38PM] Apon: what's settled now?
[09:41PM] Regolith: that the nature of truth is grounded in reality. as people's perceptions of reality differ, truth is also variable, and true stories may only be true from one individual's viewpoint.
[09:43PM] Apon: wait, there was a story?!
[09:45PM] Regolith: there may or may not have been one.
[09:46PM] Apon: really? don't you know?
[09:47PM] Regolith: know? I don't.
[09:49PM] Apon: you don't know whether or not the story you made up that may or may not be true exists?
[09:49PM] Regolith: I made up a story? If so, it must exist. Unless it has since been destroyed, in which case it existed.
[09:53PM] Apon: you didn't make up a story?
[09:53PM] Regolith: what story?
[09:54PM] Apon: who said anything about a story?
[09:54PM] Regolith: I know I didn't say anything about a story.
[09:56PM] Apon: hmm. me neither. wonder how that cmae up.
[09:56PM] Regolith: "title: Inspired by a True Story"
could've had something to do with it
[09:58PM] Apon: you're reading it wrong!
[09:58PM] Regolith: really? how should I be reading it?
[09:59PM] Apon: with your eyes!
[10:00PM] Regolith: that's how I read it before, but you said I was reading it wrong!
[10:01PM] Apon: did i say with your eyes? i meant with your heart!
[10:03PM] Regolith: my heart only reads Robin Cook novels.
[10:04PM] Apon: but he never writes about the real rainbow!
[10:07PM] Regolith: since we previously established that reality is different for everyone, writing about reality is a futile act. I commend Robin Cook for fiction in a selfishy real world.
[10:07PM] Regolith: for writing fiction*
[10:12PM] Apon: Its gone from its ONLY Tuesday? to its ALREADY Thursday?! I love that. And I love the weather this morning, I could hear the tires of cars passing by my place make their way through what I could tell was wet pavement, and I popped out of bed with a smile on my face. Sometimes, the rain just does that to me. Energy and happiness. Im not sure exactly why, but when things are good like that, no need for troubleshooting.
[10:15PM] Regolith: wtf is that blog?!
[10:17PM] Apon:
[10:18PM] Regolith: well, yeah, I found it... but was it from you searching for selfish or do you read it?
[10:18PM] Regolith: guess you were searchign for selfishy...
[10:19PM] Apon: "fiction in a _selfishy_ real world." + I'm Feeling Lucky =
[10:19PM] Regolith: *sigh*
selfishly real world*
[10:19PM] Apon: teehee :-)