Monday, January 7th, 2002: Stupid Farmers

f.p.m.i.t.a.p. To current comic Attack of the Former IXL Employees

Baby-Eating Rant Converter
2002-01-07 23:26:25
by: Baby-Eating Rant Converter

Well, I guess it was obvious right away that we couldn't get along. That's why I took your beloved comic away from you by telepathically instructing the Resnet routers to screw up.

So, now that we're back, I bet the foremost question on your mind is still "Where the hell did the comic go?" I guess that's fair, seeing as seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, and our old url is dead. But that's okay, because it prompted us to get a fancy new url. Rest assured that we will be adding some amount of fish shaving content to the site in the days to come. You should expect no less.

To go with the new url, we have fancy new email addresses. You can now reach me at [email protected] and that other guy at vendi[email protected] You can probably expect some more fancy upgrades in the years to come as well. Revolutionary features such as an actual title for the comic and maybe even a new layout. Prepare to be amazed!

In other news, my boss came by my office today and asked me to work some overtime for the next few weeks. While most jobs pay 1.5 times regular pay for overtime, mine has gone the extra mile and offered an amazing 0.65 times regular pay. All I can say is w00t.

Well, I have so much more I could bitch about, but I don't think you want to listen to me whining about the girl from Charlotte and my failure to ask for her darn email address / phone number, horrible weather, or my hacking cough. Amongst other things...


Ha-ha, very funny... nice one with the resnet routers. Made my Internet-free day! For that offense alone he should meet death by girl scout macadamia-nut cookies!

On a more me-centered topic, I passed the infernal English II and got an overload into Tech. Writing, so I'm well on my way to graduating this very semester! This is, of course, a bad thing, because I will not be able to serve you our loverly webcomic while I don't have an Internet connection (as has just been proven). Maybe apon will host it or something. Speaking of hosting, this DNS hosting thing has me a bit confused. I tried like hell to get the dns to point to my computer directly, but to no avail... The entry stayed firmly fixed to's redirection page.

Right, whatever... We have happy e-mail redirection thanks to's crapulence, and I'm glad! Oh, by the way, my e-mail addy isn't vendi[email protected] as apon would lead you to believe. It is, in fact, [email protected] as I'm sure you knew already.

In other news, the CS/CMPE career fair has been squished from 2 days to 1 due to low attendance by the companies. Joy. Prospect for getting a job, any job? Uh, some, I guess... These are tears of happiness, I swear!

In the weekend and a couple days that I've been back at school, I've done some neato work on this game thinghy a group of us silly kids is doing (ESP, you must join!). I will give you a so-called "screen shoot" and you will look at it, okay? Okay, here it is. Now that I have pleasured you, I must be off! I forgot to do my laundry, and it will be a long, cold night of finding stray cats to make a new shirt from.