Friday, April 5th, 2002: Revenge is a dish best served steaming

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On Time Travel and New Comics...
2002-04-05 00:00:00
by: regolith

Welp, it's the first comic with the new system and I didn't make it in on time for Eastern Friday. Instead, I altered time like usual and inserted the comic back at midnight on Friday. If you remember finding Monday's comic when you went to look Friday, you're mistaken. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new system!


sometimes things don't go quite how you expected
2002-04-06 01:25:28
by: apon

The fact that the new backend is now in place has convinced me that anything I ask for on the forums will be granted. Expect a whole lot of unreasonable requests to be made there soon.

On another note, it's interesting to see how the comics evolve from initial concept to what you see every Monday and Friday. As an example, let's examine the initial ICQ logs relating to today's comic:

Apon4/4/02 9:51 PMhmm. did i do a script for tomorrow yet?
Regolith4/4/02 9:52 PMnope
Apon4/4/02 9:52 PMbleh.
Apon4/4/02 9:53 PMhmm. the only stolen joke i have left from the chris wild show with chris wild(sp?) has the punch line "can we continue this conversation over dinner & ass sex?". we can't really use that very effectively, can we?
Regolith4/4/02 9:55 PMi... guess not
Apon4/4/02 9:56 PMowel.
but i've just searched google for "free web comic jokes for anyone to use", so i should have something shortly!
Apon4/4/02 9:56 PMthe 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button wants us to do a comic about obl, but i don't wanna :-(
Regolith4/4/02 9:57 PMnot too lucky
Apon4/4/02 10:02 PMwell, i already decided not to do my spite filled gia script, so that's out... how about:
1: *dog poop on the ground*
2: *a&b looking at dog poop*
a: what's that?
b: dog poop!
3: a&b: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4: *c, standing over the corpses of a&b, holding a <weapon> in one hand, pointing at the readers (i.e. towards the screen) with the other*
<weapon> = gun, bloody knife, whatever you want
c: fuck you! we didn't even try to be funny this time!
Apon4/4/02 10:02 PMor is that just too stupid?
Regolith4/4/02 10:02 PMhmmm, I think I can use the dog poop...
Apon4/4/02 10:03 PMokay. comedy gold achieved then. yay me!

Big difference between that and the comic, eh? I'm glad I could give you yet another look into our creative process.


Oh, the possibilities!
2002-04-06 02:29:12
by: regolith
panel 3: J: Phew! Did you land in some dog poop or something?
M: Oh, it's not dog POOP...
panel 4: J: God, that's sick!
M: Oh, like YOU'VE never crushed a dog before!

They should've sent a poet!


as close as you're getting to poets
2002-04-06 03:00:43
by: apon

I should be sleeping, but instead I'm reading...

  • [email protected]'s LiveJournal - I can't tell if Michael's just more whiney than before, or if I'm just less tolerant of the human race than I used to be. Same difference, I suppose.
  • Thomas' journal - A couple of days with no updates. I want more updates. I guess I have some sort of compulsion to keep reading. I'm to the point of wondering how much is real, though.

Andy's on TV talking about his g-string. If I had any context, I might be disturbed. As it is... Err, now his son has discovered his penis. Great. Just what I wanted to hear about.

Christ, I need to go to sleep. I think I also need to resolve not to use the news as a stupid journal/ICQ substitute. Maybe that can be what the forums are for.