Monday, October 14th, 2002: SGCMCMXCVII

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Rant, damn you!
2002-10-14 17:19:02
by: regolith
Well, the schedule-making computer turned evil and gave me 4 out of 5 days starting in the horrifying morning this week... I swear, I'm not awake there until after my lunch break :(

Remember, Everwood tonight! Did the sd-6 svcd of 104 ever get posted? hrm...


2002-10-15 09:08:47
by: apon

I was asleep before the comic was up Sunday, I couldn't think of anything to say yesterday morning, and I fell asleep before I could put up the rant I was planning to write last night. Although your rant would've already been there by then, so I probably wouldn't have bothered.

The SD-6 of 104 hasn't been posted yet, no. I think they've decided to just post the HD WS version from now on instead of two versions, so I suspect that's what's causing the holdup. I suspect it will be showing up soon, though -- IIRC, 103 showed up last week after 104 had aired.

So, I installed Deus Ex on Friday, and spent virtually the entire weekend playing it. If you haven't played it yet, you really, really should. I can't help thinking this is the gameplay engine that MGS2 should've used for its first person perspective (then the gameplay might have been as good as the story). I'm not really going to go in-depth on the game; suffice to say that it's a really damn cool shooter that requires a lot of thinking. And it has a cooler sword than Daikatana.

I'm also dismayed to find that Deus Ex stole a huge number of our ideas for Dama2 before we ever had them. I mean, it's like Warren Spector travelled to some alternate future where Justin and I had the time and energy required to work on the game, wrote down all of our cool ideas, then came back to his own time where he made the game in 3D. But don't worry, we'll get that bastard!