Monday, June 17th, 2002: He's Better in Milk

East Coast Beach Tour '02 (Day 14) To current comic The Writer's Block Option

Like horrible bloody cereal!
2002-06-16 22:13:25
by: apon

Hello kind sirs! I'm on my own once more, as it seems that Justin has decided that he loves the beach so much that he's never coming back(!)

I'd like to thank the nice folks over at Dr. Lobster for their continued supply of fresh art for our comic, and Google Image Search for making sharks fun again.

I'd also like to say a special hello to Justin's personal hero Elftor, who was kind enough to further spread the word of our excellence here.


My Hero!
2002-06-17 01:18:20
by: regolith
My fiendish plot to make apon make another comic for me while I was back from vacation worked, but now I'm back, so you'll have no more pictures of my head in sharks mouths or on a body wearing skirt (though they're roomy and you can crap right in them) or whatnot!

That's right, hilton head, atlantic beach, and myrtle beach couldn't keep me away from my blessed readers and co-writer, so I'll be preparing a dry, white pile of goodness for your friday viewing pleasure!

Anyway, I'm futilely trying to set win2k to display japanese, so I can play hentai games, and I'm also battling the sleep sharks (they just claimed Matt), so I'll cya some other time!