Monday, October 29th, 2001: Michael's Revenge #1

Let Michael Be My Guide To current comic D.S.T.

2001-10-29 01:03:48
by: regolith

This is my work, 100% (except for the basic character images, those are copyright those other guys, I think...) so don't blame poor, overworked Matt, who can't think of an idea for a Monday comic to save his life... Anyway, I know you're not actually there, but you readers are what make this worthwhile!

Oh, about the #1... I like to leave these things open, so don't expect there to actually be a series... Unless the forums are clamoring for it, that is!


To direct linking
2002-04-21 01:17:54
by: regolith
Welcome, fellow DrL readers... the beginning of the 2-part saga is through this link. We don't always use drl art; it's mostly my horrifying art made in, of all things, The GIMP for Windows. apon's scripts are horrifying, too. Both of those "horrifyings" mean "bad" and not "scary" in case you were confused. Anyway, we update Monday and Friday (sometimes quite late in the day because I procrastinate), so if the site doesn't look too horrible in your strange not-my-version browser, please come back and use the bandwidth apon's paying for.